Scope of Work:

We undertake designing, installation and commissioning of Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sector

Residential Sector:

Government of India, to make a great push for the residential sector to install Grid Connected Solar Systems, in the 1kw – 10kw consumer connections range is offering a subsidy of 40%/20% on the MNRE bench mark cost of Rs.54000/ per kilowatt.

Commercial & Industrial Sector including

Educational Institutions, Hospitals & Hotels:

Commercial and Industrial sector is currently buying electricity at Rs.7.10 per unit in U.P. The cost of producing one unit of electricity by installing Rooftop Solar is within the range of Rs.2.40 – Rs.3.00 depending on the location. This sector is entitled to accelerated depreciation instead of subsidy. Depending on the available space for solar, a system 25kw – 500Kw is ideal for the Industry. It can take care of the day time load of the industry and save them lacs of Rupees.